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Getting Your Socials Set Up

top tips for a kick ass IG Bio

When it comes to Instagram getting your Bio right is absouloutley key! So to help you on your way here are my 5 Top IG Bio hacks!

1 : Have a Clear Title
You have 30 characters to play with… use them wisely! Give your name & title, sharing your expertise. Be descriptive…key terms will help you appear in searches.

2 : Credability
What makes you an Expert in your field and why should people follow you?
Share an award you’ve won, media coverage. If you don’t have one yet then share your story or a customer testimonial.

3 : Customer Outcome
Your potential followers need to know how you’re going to help them and they need to know quick! So here’s where you put in your “I help..” statement.
“I help _________ achieve ________”
Don’t mess abou there… just get straight to the point!

4: Call to Action
So what do you want your followers to do now? Here’s where you give them the next steps… donwload your FREE guide, sign up to a challenge, link to a video…whatever your resource is give clear instructions. Make sure you’re clear on what this next step will give them.
i.e. “Free content planner” “Weekly Tips” etc

5 : Make Life Easy