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Have you ever wondered… could there be more to life? Yes I felt the same! I was working as a designer for a large PLC company while my 1 yr old was spending most of his time with the childminder, it would be a rush in the morning to get everything ready, then a rush in the evening and we’d do it all over again all week. Something had to stop!
This was when my life took a turn, I’d studied and worked hard all my career to get to this point, but it didn’t make me happy, I felt like it was groundhog day every day with little satisfaction in my work, no appreciation and a son that was growing up way too fast. Having run a business for many years alongside my job anyway I decided the time was right so I resigned and pursued a career as a full time entrepreneur.

I now run a business with my husband and a further 2 myself all around our two young boys. Having the flexibility to choose my own hours, my own goals and my own career path truly is amazing. I work alongside some fantastic people and showing them how they can achieve more and helping them build their own business gives me great satisfaction.

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